River Concussion Institute

River is the first clinic in the Pittsburgh area to utilize the patented system I-Portal Portable Assessment System (I-PAS) developed by Neuro Kinetics, Inc. to track and treat your brain injury symptoms. This technology is a game-changing neural functional assessment tool. It is portable, FDA-cleared, and looks much like a virtual reality system. River Therapies offers an extensive battery of Oculomotor (eye movement), Vestibular (balance, and Reaction Time (or OVRT) tests and exercises to help the professionals at River Therapies address a multitude of injuries such as concussions. 
Concussions are complex and life altering. River provides a comprehensive approach to Concussion Treatment by including a multi-disciplinary team including Speech, Physical, Occupational Therapy, Psychological evaluation, and counseling as needed. River will ensure your safe return to normal life again!