Would highly recommend River Therapies! Within the first 2 seasons I could tell a difference with my slight foot drop and my visual tracking issues. The I-PAS was so great, but I also enjoyed the variety of different exercises we did outside of that. River Therapies has truly changed my life for the better. 

- Will B. 

I had a concussion and with the I-PAS I was able to return to cheer and gymnastics quickly and without any side effects. I could tell River Therapies really cared about me and I would highly recommend them to anyone suffering from a concussion or in need of physical therapy! Thank you River Therapies!!

- Bella A.

Since I can remember, I have struggled with chronic back pain which has affected my daily activities. With the Physical Therapy I have received at River Therapies, I am now without pain and enjoy playing with my 3 children again. My Physical Therapists are amazing, they truly care and go above and beyond every time I walk in the door.

-Courtney B.